About Us

Humble Beginnings 

MalikatiModesty was founded in March 2020 by a woman of African descent from West Africa. Born and raised in New York City, understanding the city’s fashion industry didn’t cater to women who wanted to look beautiful and still modest at the same time. Creating this brand henceforth was a catalyst to design clothing that would make any woman feel beautiful.

Our Aim

We want women of all backgrounds to be able to be happy with how they look at themselves in the mirror when they wear our clothing and knowing they didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get quality items. 

Our Promise?

We want to be able to bring the quality of items to you without any forced labor. Ethics are our number one priority here. As we are rapidly growing everyday, our goal is to have almost every piece in our store designed by us. We want you to have a touch of our flare and know this item you’ve purchased was made with love and careful detailing.